COVID relief funds are still available

Businesses affected by COVID-19 have federal stimulus funds waiting for them – up to $26,000 per employee. And now you can claim the Employee Retention Credit even if you received PPP funds.
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What is the Employee Retention Credit?

The ERC is a retroactive credit that compensates U.S. businesses that weathered COVID and kept at least 2 employees on the payroll. The ERC is not a loan – it does not need to be repaid. It's a tax credit, so funds won’t run out. But there is a filing deadline to access the funds that your business may be eligible for.

  • Up to $26,000 per W2 employee
  • No restrictions on how the money can be used
  • All businesses that took PPP funds may be eligible for an ERC for 2020 and 2021
  • Average ERC for a business is $150,000

Adesso's CPA team are tax experts who will ensure your claim is compliant with the latest IRS guidance. Learn more about maximizing your refund.

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Together, we help businesses like yours

Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (Spanish) is excited to partner with Adesso Capital to help put money back into your pocket.

Adesso Capital’s CPA team are tax experts. Together, we help businesses like yours receive tax credits dating back to 2020. 

Adesso files all the necessary paperwork and handles all follow-up. The process is made easy for you. 

Call Our ERC Support Center at 888-549-1130, Monday through Friday, 8am-7pm CT.

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Don’t pass up free money that can help your business recover faster

Or speak with an ERC expert, we can determine your business’ eligibility in minutes, at no cost or obligation.


Don’t pass up free money that can help your business recover faster

Or speak with an ERC expert, we can determine your business’ eligibility in minutes, at no cost or obligation.


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Adesso has already secured more than $300 Million in ERC funds for businesses like yours – money that can be used for anything.

Success Stories

Restaurant owner who filed for employee retention tax credits and successfully recieived them


in Los Angeles, CA
Tax credit refunded


Used ERC funds for expansion of patio and new kitchen equipment.
See Case Study
Fitness Gym owner expanded his gym equipment with the employee retention tax credits he received

Fitness Gym

in Houston, TX
Tax credit refunded


Used ERC funds for new marketing campaign.
See Case Study

Hotel & Lodging

in Miami, FL
Tax credit refunded


Used ERC funds for marketing and staff bonuses.
See Case Study

Beauty Salon

in New York City, NY
Tax credit refunded


Used ERC funds for hiring and renovation.
See Case Study

Retail Clothing Store

in Chicago, IL
Tax credit refunded


Used ERC funds to purchase new inventory.
See Case Study

Get the funds to fuel your business’ growth after these difficult pandemic years.

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Applying made easy

Filing for an ERC is hard. Adesso makes it easy. We handle the entire process until you receive your funds.

The federal government wants to reward business owners who retained at least two employees during the pandemic. But U.S. businesses have not taken full advantage of this credit due to the IRS’s complex tax code and procedures.

At Adesso, our CPA’s are ERC Experts. We handle the entire process, from determining your business’ eligibility to filing the exact forms for the proper quarters.

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Frequently asked questions

How much can I receive?

Up to $26,000 per employee – $5,000 per employee for all of 2020 and up to $7,000 per employee per eligible quarter in 2021.

How do I know if my business is eligible?

Give us a call at 800-737-3751 and in minutes we can help you determine the tax credits owed to businesses like yours. Even if you weren’t eligible to claim in 2020, you may be eligible now. This credit can be claimed retroactively.

Why use Adesso Capital?

With deep experience in helping thousands of businesses maximize much-needed COVID relief, Adesso has captured $200 million in stimulus funds for our clients. Most businesses that apply on their own for the ERC do not receive the full funds earmarked for them.

Can I apply for the ERC myself? Or can my CPA?

Businesses using Adesso Capital have averaged up to 20% more funding than a CPA not familiar with the ERC.

Where does the money come from? Is it like the PPP?

The ERC credit comes from taxes you already paid. It offsets all federal employment tax paid from eligible quarters from 2020 and 2021. And it’s not a loan, so you don’t have to pay it back.

What are the restrictions on the funds?

ERC funds can be used for anything. The federal government set up the ERC to reward businesses that kept W2 employees on the payroll during the pandemic. This money is yours to be spent any way you need.

My business started operating in 2020. Am I still eligible?

If your business launched between Feb 15, 2020, and Year-End 202 – and earned less than $1M per year in 2020 – you may be eligible.

Will the funds run out?

There is no limit to the amount of ERC funds available, but there are filing deadlines. Adesso can help you file your ERC request in time to claim all the funds owed to you. Give us a call for a free consultation and we can get started.

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“You are very easy to work with—always professional and kind. You’re quick to respond via emails and phone calls and I’ve always been able to reach you. You made sure we understood the process and worked with us all the way through. Thanks for making this such a good experience.”
Ashley Bullis
Khan Hospitality, Greensboro, NC
“I first learned about the ERTC from a short article in the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association magazine.  After reading the article I realized that my business probably qualified, and I gave Adesso a call.  I spoke with Alexandra Prince and she was able to explain what would be needed to qualify in an easy-to-understand (I am a baker, not a tax accountant!) way.”
Katie McNeil
Pacific Sourdough Waldport, Oregon
Hotel and Lodging owner
“Using Adesso Capital was one of the easiest and most efficient processes I have ever been involved in. They were professional, quick, and able to find tax credits we weren't even aware we were eligible for. I can't stress enough how easy it is to let them take a quick look and see what they might be able to do for you, you'll be happy you did.”
Travis Powell
Frontier Motel
Adesso Capital opened my eyes to the Employee Retention Credits that were available for my business. They made the process simple and were very professional. With their help, getting these credits will be a vital part of our covid recovery.
Owner of West 27th St Cafe', New York